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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Been away for a while

Hi everyone

Well, I can certainly say that I've been away for a while. My life was turned upside down when I was invited to host my own TV show that airs live 3 times a week.

It's been so hectic and I've had to rearrange my life, but I think I've finally got it together.

It's been great for me because I've come right out of my comfort zone, and researching topics each week has opened my mind up to so many new things.

Change is good. We should never be afraid of embracing new challenges. When we do the same thing for too long, over and over, life can get pretty dull. Sometimes, we may not feel ready for the change, but let's face it, if we wait to FEEL ready, we'll never move forward.

So if there's a new challenge you've been thinking about for a while but have been too scared, don't waste anymore time. The sooner you get stuck in, the sooner the fear will disappear. :-)


  1. Hi Chris. I know how you feel. I've often been afraid to do things and missed opportunities because of it. Time for a change.

  2. Hello Mrs Chris, I´ve missed you! Its wonderful having you back.

    God bless you in your new program.

  3. Yaay your back Chris i love your blogs please continue with them there so inspiring xxx