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Monday, 12 May 2014

He was SO rude...

Something I really love about the TV show I do is when I have guests on that have never been on TV. They are so excited and you can see that it's a huge deal for them - for some, it's one of their dreams come true. Most are really nervous and I sit with them for a while before the show in the green room to try and ease their nerves a bit, but a few minutes into the show, they're doing great and chatting away confidently.
I really wish everyone would be so nice and down-to-earth, but unfortunately, some seem to get corrupted when they get a bit of fame (or perhaps it was already there just waiting to 'shine' when they become successful). I remember once almost cancelling a show that was about to go live because of a guest that was quite well known who thought it was okay to be very rude to the staff, and yet was as sweet as pie when I walked into the room. I have a great team. They are hardworking, friendly, lovely to be around - so I got a bit protective I suppose. But in the end, the show went ahead but I didn't enjoy it as I do when there are guests that are nice. I would much prefer to interview the average Joe Blogs than an A-list celeb any day, unless of course that celeb has managed to remain grounded.
It's a very beautiful thing when someone is hugely successful, has lots of money but hasn't let that success or wealth corrupt them. They don't take what they have for granted, but are grateful and uphold their principles and values and treat others (even those that can do nothing for them) with respect. It's a rare thing nowadays. I am fortunate enough to know and to have met some of these people and I have the utmost respect for them, not because of the remarkable things that they have achieved, but because of the character they have upheld.

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  1. I can imagine someone with their chest l puffed up. Would be so annoyed I wouldn't be able to pretend.